Once More unto the Breach, Madame

The Santa Ana winds sweep hot, inland air to the coast of Southern California during the first months of autumn.  Come November, the air cools and the weather becomes so fitting as to be an afterthought. Not this year

In a way we should have expected this.  Just as what is lovingly referred to as Flyover Country gave us Trump, so too are these inland winds giving our coastal metropolis an overlapping hell. Two full years and nothing has gone right.  Nothing.  So as these fires rage on we are forced to ask just how much of this, directly, is Donald Trump’s fault?  Turns out, quite a lot.

In his latest affront to the globally patriotic, Donald Trump skipped a planned visit to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial near Paris because of rain.  To be sure, there is nothing more American than a foreign cemetery holding, and dedicated to, your soldiers.  Seems America is only first to Trump when itis not in France.  Brave patriots that happened to have been born in America joined similar patriots across the globe to wage war against a foe whose defeat would pave the road to modernity.  Our grasp on such a future was weakened substantially the night of November 7th, 2016, but the future is still in our control albeit less firmly.

So as the fires breathe their discontent upon the hills of Los Angeles so too must we speak ours.  It is no easy task to voice an opinion against this government.  It’s a risk.  And that risk grows greater by the day.  No matter, we have done more with less before.  Donald Trump will not derail our progress.  He will not turn back the clocks of time.  He will not divide us.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we are now able to announce that Hillary Clinton will be making her penultimate presidential run in 2020.  The Wall Street Journal is out with a piece, linked below, making it quite clear just why President Hillary Clinton is more necessary than ever before. 

She is unlikely to announce her intention until some time later but the signs are all there, should you have a moment’s reprieve from the mental and emotional onslaught of Daily Disaster Donald.  In under a year’s time Hillary Clinton was able to pen a five hundred twelve page diagnostic apology to the people of the world for having unreserved faith in the soundness of our democratic system.  Many still have little conceptual accord of what occurred that fateful night, and this is why What Happened should be required reading in all public high schools as the definitive account of the most chaotic subversion of a democratic election in history.  A painful delight.

Hillary has been canvassing the country with more than just impromptu book signings for everyday people.  Slowly, steadily she shuffles and twists into the pantsuit of her legacy.  She has been reestablishing herself as the political standard-bearing icon from which she gracefully took a leave of absence in the wake of 2016’s unforeseen global catastrophe.  But her voice grows louder, her enmity toward injustice fiercer, and her message more resolute.  We will not have modernity stolen from us.  We will not allow Donald Trump to alter the rightful course of history.  We will not stand idly by as the world tears into chaos. 

This is our time, and it is her turn.

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